How did I come up with the term “high-bitrate (HBR) lifestyle” (trademark pending)? It originated with music, as have many things in my life. While listening to my iPod I began to notice subtle (and sometimes not-so-subtle) differences in the clarity, depth, and quality of different songs/recordings, even in the same album (even and especially the same recording that I accidentally downloaded twice at different bitrates!). As I looked at this more deeply I realized that they were downloaded at varying kilobytes per second. For the uninitiated and/or non-technical people out there this basically means the more bytes of data you can fit into a second the more (and thus richer) sound there is to hear. For you techies out there I consider anything below 320 kbps low-bitrate. Especially anything below 192 kbps. Thus, I re-downloaded much of my favorite music in at least 320 kbps. Nuff said about that!

This experience led me to begin examining my life and asking “How can I get a more HBR result in my life?” My better half (who I’ll just call “T” to protect the innocent) made the astute observation that in some ways I have always done that. You see, I’m not real big on compromise. I think she meant that as a compliment (hmmmm….). Basically, when I find an item, person, or situation that I really like I see no reason to settle for less. I don’t believe in settling. Life is too short for that!

So I am writing this blog so I can share my HBR thoughts and experiences with others and that they may share theirs with me and anyone else who views this blog. This blog will cover all kinds of things as I think of them. The “HBR lifestyle” is definitely not only about stuff! It is about clarity of mind, body, spirit and purpose. It is also about how you and I choose to experience life in all of it’s glory!

See you soon! Go out there and have a HBR day!


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