I have once again taken to watching the PBS Newshour for my TV news as often as possible. It’s not pretty. Their set is pretty basic and their anchors aren’t mostly attractive young people. It’s not glamorous. It’s not exciting, exhilarating, or slickly produced. It’s not packaged to “entertain” me. Compared to Fox, CNN, or MSNBC it is kinda dry and a pretty straight-forward reading, but that’s because IT’S THE NEWS! It’s not supposed to be entertaining! It’s supposed to be INFORMATIVE! Believe it or not the issues our country faces sometimes take a little longer than 2 minutes to explain and really dig into! Picking 4 stories and doing 15 minutes on each one is sometimes even a little long for me if it’s something I am not generally very interested in. Many times if I hang on for a few minutes even to those less-than-interesting stories I learn something I didn’t know and come away with a better understanding of exactly why that story SHOULD REALLY matter to me and then it does. The longer stories also help me combat and lengthen my ever-shortening American attention span.

What does this have to do with the high bitrate lifestyle? I am glad you asked. Try unplugging from the corporate media for a while. You might just be surprised at how much less stressful your life may become. Maybe try sitting down with your beverage of choice and your dinner (if you so choose) just a couple times a week for just one hour and watching The Newshour straight through (OK…bathroom breaks are acceptable… 🙂 ). I bet your stress level will thank you. And, last but definitely not least, you may just be better informed. Oops! I almost fell off of my soapbox! 🙂

On another note, my fiance Tina and I are going to visit Stillwater, MN this weekend for “A Taste of Stillwater”. It sounds like fun. I will report back on Monday 7/16. Also be on the lookout for a remodel of the blog.

Have a great weekend all!